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With over 20 years experience in the floor covering industry Cosk & Co have seen the need for a device for lifting and manoeuvring floor covering rolls..

Over 6 years and 4 prototypes we have now developed the product that has changed the lifting and maneuvering of heavy rolls of product forever!
Introducing the RodRoy Carpet Lifter.

The RodRoy Lifter easily lifts and maneuvers heavy rolls of floor coverings or any product with a centre core up to 800kgs either in the show room or on the work site.

The RodRoy captured the attention of Work Safe Victoria - and in 2008 was in the Worksafe Victoria awards as a finalist. Best solution for preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders.

Also in 2008 the RodRoy was the Winner of the 2008 Most Innovative Flooring Product Australia & New Zealand - Flooring Magazine.

About Our RODROY Lifter

The RodRoy Lifter is a new and easy way to lift and maneuver heavy rolls of floor coverings up to 800kgs (any product with a centre core) either in the show room or on the work site.

Do you run the risk of back injury and expensive work cover claims! Let the RodRoy provide the muscle that is needed to move those heavy rolls.

The RodRoy lifter can provide you with the solution to move heavy rolls of products eg: rolls of plastic, shade cloth, artificial turf, cricket pitch and pool covers, Gymnasium matting, Indoor bowls carpet.

The RodRoy lifter enables you to minimise the strain on your body whilst allowing you to handle large, heavy rolls of floor coverings.

In addition you can use the RodRoy lifter to prepare rolls into cut lengths faster & easier.

No more cutting on the floor, no more wrestling with a large roll, simply place the roll on the RodRoy lifter and place it where you want easily and conveniently.

The RodRoy lifter fits easily through a standard 82cm doorway the photo shows how the RodRoy can be collapsed to fit into the work vehicle ready to be taken onto the work site.

The RodRoy is set up within minutes to help lift and maneuver heavy rolls on the job. Unrolling carpet from the RodRoy is easy; the lifting poles rotate therefore eliminating friction between the product and poles. Only one operator is required to lift and maneuver heavy rolls of floor coverings, therefore freeing up other workers.

The RodRoy invaluable to:
• Salesman who cut the floor coverings into room sizes ready for installation. Unrolling of carpet and vinyl onto shop wall racks as the RodRoy is fitted with a brake system and can be used in confined spaces.

When lifting:
The RodRoy lifting poles disconnect to suit all widths of floor covering products. 4m, 3.66m, 3m & 2m wide products. 'Work Cover' laws are getting tougher, now is the time to think of ways you can reduce work related injuries.



"We have used the equipment several times but found it most useful on a 60 bed nursing home where we installed 30 rolls of 2 meter wide rubber backed carpet from Ontera in to mainly passageways. The rolls weighed approximately 200kg and were far too heavy to carry using standard trolleys and too awkward to manoeuvre with a pallet jack.

The RodRoy lifter gave us the ability to place the rolls at the ends of the passages, lock the wheels and roll the product out with a minimum of fuss. The advantages of this were many. We required only 2 installers on site rather than 3 or 4 to move the product in a safe manner. The RodRoy lifter complied with all our health and safety obligations required by law on commercial building sites. The physical aspect of moving the product was lessened and our installers completed the installation earlier than expected giving us the opportunity to gain more income on other jobs.

I would recommend the RodRoy lifter for any business supplying and installing broadloom carpet for commercial applications. I also believe that we are only beginning to see the advantages of the RodRoy Lifter and expect it to become a more vital tool into the future for our business.

Any product that helps make our business more productive, profitable and easier is a necessity not an expense and I would like to thank for your help and training and I wish you and your product all the best for future success"

Scott Mitchell - General Manager Choices www.choicesbendigo.com.au

" We love our RodRoy Lifter! Our store has over 100 full size rolls on display and we simply cannot access them with the forklifts. The RodRoy Lifter enables us to take any number of meters off any roll anywhere in the store. It also makes it much easier to change our display around. And it offers peace of mind when thinking of OH &S concerns. Easy to use, easy to store, worth its weight in gold. Thanks, RodRoy!"

Liam Jones - General Manager Fowles Auctions & Sales www.fowles.com.au

"Having purchased the RodRoy Lifter from you, we would like you to know we are pleased with the unit. it has made moving and cutting heavy rolls of carpet so much easier. One person can now maneuver rolls, measure and cut rolls of carpet by themselves with a great deal of ease.

It has alleviated a great deal of stress and strain on my back and body, we wish we had one years ago."

Jeff & Marion McKenny - Owner Mount Barker Carpet Choice


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